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DAREarts in Webequie, Part Three

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Dunlop1759 loRes

Photo courtesy Alan Dunlop

We have wrapped up darearts’ month in Webequie this fall – what a resounding success! Watching the community come together to celebrate the achievements of their youth, as well as to offer their time and skills to help in any way possible was truly inspiring. darearts’ fourth week’s team welcomed aboriginal artist Cathy Elliott, directing and staging the youth’s show, and photographer Alan Dunlop leant his sharp eye to produce a photographic record of the youths’ work.

Dunlop7856 loRes

Photo courtesy Alan Dunlop

darearts teacher Linda Carson reflects, “The students are investing in this project and their own part in it—their own work. A realization seems to be taking hold that indeed, if they simply show up and go step by step, using the support from us and their peers, they can accomplish great things. Not just accomplish their goals but have fun and be part of a community of learners.” Their own words in their song say it best: “I want to see myself strong, I want to see myself proud…”

Dunlop1619 lores

Photo courtesy Alan Dunlop

The energy and excitement during the rehearsal was a sign of things to come. On Saturday, the youth showed up on time, eager to help prepare for the feast and then showcase their accomplishments to family and friends. They were met with a packed gymnasium of elders, parents, siblings, babies, teachers and community supporters. The catwalk had been ably constructed by Bob and Derek. The youth proudly walked the catwalk with their heads held high, confidently smiling at the audience. The community responded enthusiastically to the artwork, fashions, and song created by their youth with admiration for their accomplishments.

Dunlop8276 loRes

Photo courtesy Alan Dunlop

Youth, you are the true shining stars!  By your achievements, you have done yourself proud! You have the power to imagine, to dream, to DARE (Discipline, Action, Responsibility/Respect/Reflect, Excellence)  to make those dreams come true, to make good choices and to be strong for yourself and those around you. Don’t stop!


Photo courtesy Alan Dunlop

Dunkop1559 loRes

From left to right: Jeremy Proulx, Marilyn Field, Webequie’s Bill Jacob, Cathy Elliott, Linda Carson, and Glenn Marais. Photo courtesy Alan Dunlop.
darearts artists not present: D’Arcy Moses, Alan Dunlop, Geneviève Anthony, Lorraine Montreuil.

We would like to thank the community members who offered their love and support to their youth, both during the project and beyond. We would like to especially thank the Band and Education Council, represented by Ennis Jacob and elder Ananias Jacob, for welcoming us into the community, and the amazing staff at Simon Jacob Memorial School, including Mary, Romeo, Erik, Rhonda, and Lois whose dedication and work set an excellent example for the youth. The education council was so supportive of the youth, especially Jeremiah, Maggie, Jessie and Ennis, who also helped with organizing, sewing and the feast preparations. Catherine, Carol, Brenda, and Bernice were so kind in lending their sewing machines for the youth to use. Both students, high school teachers and the community generously organized the feast for after the fashion show, particularly Rosaline and Audrey. We apologize for any omissions; everyone truly leant their hearts and spirits to ensure that the youth did their best.

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