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A Guest Post from Vancouver Students Owen and Brandon…

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Reflections on DAREarts Vancouver, written by Owen E. and Brandon L.


Photo courtesy Kjersten Saude

Mr. Proctor’s Grade 7 False Creek class was selected by DAREarts for a week of learning about Leadership through Arts. Its feels like we have changed and that next week we will be a better class. On Monday we learned about masks and tried some on. It felt weird to become another person but it is really easy to get into character.

On Tuesday we painted large murals about “Who we are? Who I am? and How are We DAREarts”. Wednesday we went to a workshop in East Vancouver where we painted and made our own masks. Thursday we rehearsed our performance that we will be performing before the performance of La Cage aux Folles and some the class who are not going to be able to attend did their own performance.

We learned that as a class we need to have more discipline.

We also learned to be better leader by respecting each other through eye contact, listening and body language. We also learned to be a better class by taking more action. Each day we started to show up earlier and earlier, which showed how we were becoming more and more DARE.

DAREarts was hard but as time went on we became more into it.

At the start of the week the discipline aspect of DAREarts was uncomfortable and unusual. By day 2, I was frustrated because the intensity was overwhelming as the exercises were challenging. By day three the class had taken action to show more respect and take more responsibility. The changes in our class are that we are more disciplined, we listen better and we are leaders who take action.

I hope for my class that when we go back to normal school we continue to listen and interact with others in the class and not always hang with our separate groups.

I hope to take this discipline home by listening more there, too.

I think that a lot of people in the class have come out of their shell by becoming leaders and by being more respectful of their classmates and Mr. P.

Some people who have been very private at school opened themselves up to the team this week.

When we chatted about Facebook we learned how to be respectful, to think before hitting post or send and to remember that this is public and that what is posted stays public forever. We are the first generations who are learning to use social media and therefore are writing the rule book on how to behave.

I have already seen the change in the use of Facebook by my FB community and it has made me feel proud. I had fun this week and I will keep the DARE. I look forward to doing this again.

One thought on “A Guest Post from Vancouver Students Owen and Brandon…

  1. Very well written. Nice to see you are already applying your leadership skills.

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