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DAREarts Vancouver Expansion… Expanded!

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Originally a one-week expansion program, DAREarts will be staying in Vancouver for an extra week by popular demand! Our Head Teacher, Geneviève Anthony, has sent us a summary of the beginnings of this expansion of an expansion program:

The DAREarts Tour of Vancouver continued today with Linda Carson, Artist as Teacher and Geneviève Anthony Head Teacher and co-ordinator Trish Deluca Land by presenting a teaser/taste of the program to Queen Alexandra’s Grade 6 & 7 class in preparation for their week from December 13- 15.

The 51 children were mesmerized through the power of eye contact as they communicated with one another with out sound, using body language and their power as a team to relay and listen to information. The class teachers Melanie Hansen and Rick Lee have laid a solid foundation of safe creativity making the class fertile for the DAREarts program.

From December 13 – 15 the DAREarts staff will use Drama, Photography, Fashion, Technology and Music to expand the creative world of the children as well as their leadership abilities.


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