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DAREarts and H.E.R.O.S. Hockey in Vancouver… DAREing Heroes!

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Day one of an iconic partnership that has formed between DAREarts and H.E.R.O.S. Hockey, a fellow charity that utilizes hockey as a means of building self-esteem and life skills in children, has proven to be a tremendous success. This week-long program is taking place at Britannia Community School, and by combining the teamwork that comes from hockey and drama, the students will DARE (discipline, action, responsibility/respect, and excellence) to become more confident young leaders.

The following day one reflection is written by Linda Carson and Genevieve Anthony, with excerpts from the Grade 7 class at Britannia Community School:

If Day One at Britannia Community School is any indication of the kind of success that the remaining four days will bring – then Justin Borsato’s Gr. 7 class will touch the sky by the end of the week.

Through the SPARTS program of Sport and Arts with Hockey and Drama, the class excelled at heroically taking each DARE.

Before the bell had even rung the students were showing leadership by accepting the responsibility of sharing a set of instructions that had only been given to a few students. When going into the depth of meaning for each of the DARE and HEROS values the class showed great courage as they allowed themselves to sink into a dramatic metaphor for how life can degrade from routine, to lethargic, to depressing, to thoughts of death when action is removed from one’s behaviour.

The day was one full of learning, teamwork and achievement, and inspiration. Here is what some of the students wrote in their journals about the first morning of work:

“I thought that this morning was really amazing because I learned that you could really act what you have in your mind and really just act it out. No matter what anyone says, thinks, or does. You could just act what you think.”

“I learned how to work as a team better and how to make eye contact. I’m not very good with making eye contact with people because it feels awkward, then I start laughing.”

“DareHeros has taught me discipline and courage. I had the courage to go up to the stage and do talent. I even got complimented how brave I was. And I was proud of that. Being a leader took courage and I had that to be a leader. A leader leads the team to excellence, action, discipline, respect, responsibility, and reflection. I was one of those leaders and I took responsibility for that.”

“I was nervous. I don’t like being put on the spot. It was fun making the machines. It was kinda awkward keeping eye contact. I like the dares. I wanna go on the ice. It is fun! I learned how to work. I like acting but I am shy. I am afraid of being laughed at.”

In the afternoon the students took to the rink. Some students had never been on the ice before and showed great courage as they let go of the boards and launched themselves across the rink. The new skaters were supported whole heartedly by the rest of the team with encouragement, help, cheers and understanding. The expert skaters of the class helped tie up their classmates skates and made sure that the newer skaters felt comfortable and were looked after. Some students took some bad falls but got right back out there and tried again. This was one fun hour.

Back in the classroom, exhausted, the day did not end. We had an inspired discussion about how the DARE principles had worked out on the ice. We finished the day with a game of “Yes Lets” to help the team keep open to the ideas of others and prepare for more team-building dares to come in Day Two. This was a magical day.


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