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Visual Arts Day–January 18–Grade 5 East

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Written by DAREarts Teachers Geneviève Anthony and Valerie Kostyniuk.


Photo courtesy Valerie Kostyniuk

“Who wrote The Winter’s Tale?” “SHAKESPEARE!”

“Who painted “The Night Watch”?” “REMBRANT!”

“Who wrote “Lancelot and Elaine”? “TENNYSON!”

“What country was Rembrandt from?” “HOLLAND!”

“Who painted Medusa?” “CARAVAGGIO!”

Today’s Visual Arts Day was a magical world of fantasy, comedy, tragedy and imagination.


Photo courtesy Valerie Kostyniuk

The paintings of Caravaggio, Rembrandt, and Frans Snyders, through the story telling of the AGO’s Laboni Islam, opened a door to a dramatic world where jealousy, love, fear and patience engaged the children so that they were outwardly still as their brains soared to different times and places.

They listened to the injustices of Shakespeare’s “The Winter’s Tale” inspired by the painting “Antigonus in the Storm” by Joseph Wright of Derby, eager to cry out at the unfairness of the Queen being imprisoned – until the finale, when “all is restored” — they slumped in a sigh of relief.

On the bus they reviewed their Minuet and Bharatanatyam, using their arms to dance in the air.

After lunch with Bach playing the children painted pieces inspired by a still life sculpture built by Leanna Manning and Cortney Stephenson.

Yes, it was Visual Arts Day.


Photo courtesy Valerie Kostyniuk


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