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Drama Day–Grade 4 East–Feb.6

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Written by DAREarts Teacher Valerie Kostyniuk, edited by DAREarts Head Teacher Geneviève Anthony.

This morning was Drama Day so we started out the bus lesson talking about comedy and tragedy. We defined the terms and brainstormed examples of each. Eventually we got to talking about why drama is important. Comedy makes you laugh, delegates shared, and tragedy helps you cry when you need to cry. Watching a tragedy, one delegate pointed out, also helps you think about how to respond to scary or sad situations.

Like when someone was shot this weekend right outside one of the schools some of the delegates attend.

Like gangs. A lot of delegates know people who were killed in gang incidents.

For the first time ever I shared with a group of children that I also know someone (only one someone, lucky for me) who was killed in a gang incident. I apologized for tearing up.

“It’s okay to cry Ms. Valerie.”

“Crying can feel better.”

“Sometimes … tra… (tragic..her friends helped her with the new word) … things happen to good people.”

Yeah, sometimes they do.


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