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Music Day – Grade Four West – Feb.23

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Written by DAREarts Teacher Valerie Kostyniuk.

Shiao shing shing…

Photo courtesy Molly Enneson

Today the Grade Four West delegates visited Clearview School of Arts and Culture. Principal Jane Pang and her wonderful team led the students in learning Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (Shiao Shing Shing) in Mandarin, learning a beginners Lion Dance and Seven Stars Drumming routine, and exploring the formation and meaning of some common Chinese characters.

The Chinese character for “smart” is comprised of the characters for eyes, ears, mouth, heart, days, and month drawn together. In traditional Chinese thinking, Ms. Pang explained, everybody can be smart. Intelligence is not something you’re born having or lacking, but something that you gain by listening, watching, speaking, learning by heart and that you accumulate over days and months spent doing all four.

Our delegates took the DARE today, and it was amazing to watch them work for and achieve a little bit of ‘smart’ about beautiful things they hadn’t known of before. They sure twinkled, those bright little stars.

Photo courtesy Molly Enneson

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