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Grade 6 Storytelling Day

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Written by DAREarts teacher Valerie Kostyniuk.

Great stories not only entertain us, they dare us to think about ourselves and our society in deeper ways than we might normally. Today, grade six DAREarts students participated in an interactive exploration of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, a tale of ambition gone wrong, of abandonment, anger, hurt and harm.

Here is what some of the delegates took away from the story, in their own words:

“Don’t judge people.” – Thalia

“Especially don’t judge people on how they look.” – Ryzha

“If you judge somebody, it’s going to become a big fight, but you could just walk away.” – Taelor

“I think you can judge for yourself, but don’t say anything.” – Jeanmique

“Frankenstein didn’t really have the right to kill, but I understand that he felt unloved.” – Julia

“I blame Victor(Frankenstein’s creator)’s parents. They never wanted to discipline him or tell him when he was wrong.” – Fariha

“On Intro Day, you said that power is who you know. Victor acted crazy to the professor and he wouldn’t get a job at that school because the professor would remember.” – Tyrese

“Frankenstein couldn’t communicate so he had no power, like someone in Toronto who speaks only Russian has less power than someone who speaks English too.” – Kevón

The students all went home with a copy of Frankenstein and lots of opinions to consider. I might reread the book this summer too, armed with these eager fresh perspectives.


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