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Film Making Rocks! – Part 3

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“So You Think You Know Mining”, sponsored by the Ontario Mining Association, hosts an annual competition where individuals or groups can create and enter a compelling 2-3 minute video about mining in their community.  In partnership with Noront Resources and Engage Learn, DAREarts helped to host three Movie Making Camps in Northern Ontario First Nation Reserves, in which kids learned about geology, film making and leadership. DAREarts provided the expertise to teach the students about film making and assist them in creating their own video to submit to the 2012-13 competition. We are sincerely grateful to Noront Resources for providing the financial support which allowed DAREarts to host these workshops for Aboriginal youth on reserves.

The summary below is a compilation of the reports from a DAREarts Teachers at each location.

Long Lake #58 First Nations, Ontario

Reports from Lead Teacher – Geneviève Anthony

On location of the video shoot at Long Lake

Monday August 27, 2012

At Long Lake the workshop started slowly and gained momentum as the day progressed. There was a reserved shy energy from the students, but at the same time eager and excited. Almost immediately a joke was made that a rap should be made when Kaitlyn introduced the idea of a “movie”. The DARE values were then introduced. 
ZIP ZAP ZOP — ROCK MINERAL MINING was a complete success! This was played a number of times. The group approved to go ahead with the Rap theme for the movie, and broke up into small groups to make rhyming lines about each of the mineral, rock or rock/mineral community connection. The groups eventually came together with a full song of lyrics
Overall the teachers were pleased with the day. Again, an entirely different experience from the two previous camps: each camp has its special feel.  We were optimistic for the next day.

Tuesday August 28, 2012 –Day 2
Kaitlyn and Sophie worked with the majority of the group to put all that had been learned from the day before into a full blown rap, with some of the best lyrics I have ever seen kids construct! After writing 4 pages of well-crafted rhyming couplets, the group embarked on filming each verse in a different location with a different person for each one.
Out on the shoot, the students rose to the occasion, choosing the locations and shots. As the day wore on and the energy started to dwindled, the team pushed on, trudging from one location to another in the heat of the day and going well into the evening. 
The entire group was very engaged throughout the day as they learned more and more about stamina and teamwork. It was a fantastic day for the students but also for the community members who clearly acknowledged the positive nature of the project.
Final group shot of Long Lake Crew  – ” Mine Life”
Wednesday August 29, 2012 – Day 3
The final day of camp organically flowed until everything was completed and a toast was made to the core students who committed to finishing their project.
As the ‘pieces of the puzzle’ came together it was decided one more shot was needed. The entire group walked out to the water with Felix to film the introduction, establishing the shot including Kurtis’ baby brother Phoenix, who was in a stroller. On the walk to and fro it was clear that the group was quite impressed with themselves for having done so much in such a short period of time. Many jokes were shared and intimate questions asked – indicating that the roots of relationships had sprouted. The community’s generosity and welcoming nature was strongly felt as there was always beverages, fresh fruit, snacks and a variety of food available at all times during the three days.
Once the film was finished everyone went into the main room and watched the finished project. “Bling! Bling! In the Ring of Fire” was shown a number of times at the request of each community member who came in. With the final product in front of them and the review form complete, many asked if the camp would return next year. The day ended with a group photo out front. Everyone put on their best rap face and called out “MINE LIFE”. It was a great ending to a great three days. 


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