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Inspiring Each Other

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Report from Artist-as-Teacher, D’Arcy Moses 

Thursday – It appears the kids are also beginning to inspire each other – they are beginning to work in small groups and help one other with little set-backs.
Many took their work home last night… always a good sign.  Still a lot of work to do with the sewing of the whole moccasin, fur trims ET AL; however many appear to want theirs finished. Tremendously!

Friday – Yesterday was a good day.  The evening, however, fared even better as over a dozen students did attend the after dinner session and worked in relative, earnest silence.  All are beading or decorating the upper portion of the moccasin.  Several have never attempted bead-work before and the results are promising.  

Detailed design for the moccasin
Several young men are still in attendance / attempting despite the struggle of handling thread and delicate needle in big ‘on the land’ hands.  These guys like the fact that the needle cases (all students have constructed), and the footwear they are producing has an application towards the First Nation psyche that does NOT bring embarrassment to the nature of men sewing.  Meaning that, when First Nations men sew, they are, in part, sewing for survival… these new skills will come in handy when they are on the land hunting, trapping or fishing.  
I have tried to explain this to the guys as, at times, they become exasperated with their project and then I watch them pause, think per the above and they get it.  (And, I suspect, even like the idea.)  Then, they continue with the task at hand.

Mastering the needle and thread.

The students requested more time to work last night so I kept the studio open for another hour.  I start again today at one pm and will stay open as long as they wish.   
Some students are to begin the actual construction of the footwear proper this weekend.  It will not be easy for them to be sure… it is hard work.  All, however, appear willing and eager to finish their moccasins.  Many I suspect will wear them and use this knowledge after the immediate DAREarts project commences in this community.

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