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“I wish it would never end”- Reflections from Webequie Students

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Report from Lead Teacher – Geneviève Anthony

The students have been working day and night with the DAREarts teachers over the past two weeks. The students are feeling proud about their accomplishments and are planning for their celebration and feast.
Jamie feels excited about learning his heritage through moccasin making…He intends to continue to create moccasins this winter while he is trapping with his father. He enjoys it because it is relaxing and takes his mind off of his problems. He has found DAREarts fun and it has kept him occupied.
Lyndon was involved in DAREarts last year – it was fun. It is always fun and better than doing nothing. Of the Grandfather teachings he has worked on Respect since last year. (most of this conversation has been translated from Oji-Cree via his brother Jamie).
Clinton says that he is coming because he feels good about himself when he has completed a project…by sewing he feels pride in himself. Clinton is learning patience and that the time invested ….is money. He is very proud of himself for being able to take advantage of the program this year. Clinton says DAREarts is something you can depend on.
Poster designed for Webequie Celebration  and Feast
Caitlin says she comes because the feeling of being productive feels good and she wouldn’t really be doing anything at home. She wishes it would never end. DAREarts set off a chain reaching of good decisions since she was involved last year.
Terilyn says that she comes because she understands that ‘Time is Money’ and that when she is here she feels like she is using her time. She has a daughter that she needs to support otherwise she would have gone to college. She hopes that she can sell her moccasins. Terilyn wants to finish high school before she goes to college for Business, Art or Teaching. She thinks DAREarts is fun and made her feel as though she is a part of something. After she performed with DAREarts two years ago she didn’t feel so nervous about doing things because she knew she had done scary stuff before.
Chelsea feels devoted because she has to see things through… She has enjoyed the project very much. She likes the dancing because it feels good to be a part of something. When asked what she would change, she said it was pretty much everything she could want. When Chelsea finishes high school she would like to be a writer or a musician. She is 17.
DAREarts thanks the students for their thoughts and we send our congratulations to you all.

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