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Local artists donate $3000 to DAREarts

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As part of the Headwaters Arts Festival, seven up-and-coming local artists held their premier show and sale, “As we see it”, at  the Alton Mill, held Sept 21- 30. It was a fabulous show and a tremendous success for all!

The artists, Sandy Bogert, Joan Booth, Marj Dennis, Brenda Dinnick, Sherry Drew, Sally R. Mappin, and Carol Wolkoff have been meeting regularly over the past few years, expanding their artistic knowledge and skill level, and their passion for art. Along with two other guests for this show, Patrick Bogert and Brian Care, the artists used a variety of media, including watercolour, oil, acrylic, pen and ink, and wood to provide a spectacular array of art.

These artists understand the importance of the arts and the benefits that can come from being involved in arts education. To help support the art community by bringing arts education to vulnerable children and youth, these artists generously contributed a portion of their sales to DAREarts. Through the sale of their work and donations at the door, this event has raised $3000 for DAREarts.
DAREarts is sincerely grateful to the artists for helping to provide much needed arts education to children and youth who otherwise would not know and understand the power within each them to ignite change in their own lives and their communities.
These new artists are highly skilled and inspiring. Keep your eye out for their future shows!

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