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Melting Ice with Kindness

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With the far-reaching effects of today’s snowstorm causing snow days across Ontario, the DAREarts Nee-Tum-Ochi-Bek / First Roots team is feeling the love despite the cold weather up north in Marten Falls First Nation (Ogoki Post). Having safely arrived yesterday to begin work with students at Henry Coaster Memorial School, DAREarts artists-as-teachers Cathy Elliott and Linda Carson have met with the incredible staff at the school who have shared their support for the project.

Below is a letter that Cathy has passed along to the DAREarts office, with words of encouragement shared by Henry Coaster Memorial School’s principal, Louise Bailey:

Thank you very much Linda and Cathy for choosing to be here at Marten Falls First Nation and Henry Coaster Memorial School. I know how much you care for the children and their educational and personal well being. It is so important that the children learn to work with others and with each other. We appreciate so much your being at the school with us. I wish I could keep you for the rest of the year. I dare to dream! It is wonderful having you here. The 12 days will go by too quickly I am sure. 
You are fantastic! I want every level of those involved in Education in this School to know how much you are appreciated. We look forward to the arrival of Lee next week. 
Sleep well at the Ogoki Inn!

Thank you, Louise, for your support and for sharing the love! Stay tuned for more updates as Cathy and Linda are joined by b-boy artist Lee Pham, who will work with the kids to help them find their inner potential.


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