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DAREarts goes to Ogoki Day 2

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Day and Night – 

Building Stories and Songs

Yesterday, one of our students set up a clapping pattern that will be the bedrock of our hip-hop song (title TBD). Today, the students recorded a variety of noises, vocal and percussive, to add to the bed tracks of their new creation.  The collaborative exercise of listening to each other, to their environment and their thoughts made them understand generosity.  Communication through the eyes.  Waiting for someone to be finished before “taking the ball”.

Linda Carson took them through a series of games that encouraged them to play fairly.  The laughter in that room was so gratifying after having, three years ago, experienced a lot of quiet shy resistance from these kids.
It was time to brainstorm the ideas and theme we want to turn into a live performance for our community audience.  We talked about the Grandfather Teaching love, what we love, who we love, who loves us and what is worth loving.
The Land.  Our parents. Our siblings. Our friends.
Food. Water. Animals.
And then, the usual fun stuff…xbox…hockey…Christmas.

When asked “What are we mostly filled with?”
One of them answered, “Red Bull.”  We had a good laugh over that.
Cindy and Caitland are watching their students, making notes.  Some of this discussion and these ideas will be followed up in their classes.  They note which students are participating, which ones are hanging back and how to encourage them to join in without turning them off.

We had a black light experiment, doing the “icing the cake” movement in a darkened room. They partnered up with each other and taped head bands of papers on each others’ heads.   Then they moved around the room at different speeds, taking into account how much room they had and personal physical space they shared with each other. They did a great job, and now they understand what they’ll have to do to ensure the safety of each other, how to work as a team and how cool the science of black light works.  They have a protagonist, antagonist, setting and conflict for their story today.  On Monday, they’ll have the whole story written and the song will be well on its way.  We don’t know the whole story, but we do know there will be ghosts involved.

When Lee arrives on Monday, he’ll jump in with some hip hop and break dancing.  Spinning Light. They’ll burn a lot of energy next week and be prepared for a great show for the community.


DAREarts says good-night! From Linda and Cathy in Ogoki Post.


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