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Canada Blooms- and Chinese Culture Flourishes

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The Magic of Spring VIP Reception

The Energy Direct Centre Toronto

March 15, 2013


Part of what makes this country and city wonderful is the diversity of cultures –the tastes, smells, colours and textures of different expressions are constantly surprising and refreshing.  Canada Blooms, with its explosions of creative, universal ‘Gimme’ cry for spring in this winter’s last dying breath, calls us all together in Celebration … and a Chinese Lion Dance!


DAREarts graduate volunteers lined the entrance to a special Canada Blooms Opening Night VIP reception and show. The teens greeted the guests in Mandarin “Nín hǎo”.  The event was organized by Janet Qi, Director of Culture and Events for NTD Canada to raise funds and awareness for DAREarts and the New Tang Dynasty Charities, and to celebrate Chinese Traditional Han Couture.


We were treated to the lovely and dynamic Jeanne Beker, who shared her enthusiasm for fashion and Chinese culture as well as the work of DAREarts in her usual flair.  After the show, she took the time to chat with the DAREarts Delegates and share her early experiences in breaking into the fashion business and encouraged them to pursue their dreams.


Actress and Ms. World Canada, Anastasia Lin and Jason Lofts, a Toronto based media producer, conducted the fashion show narrative. Mr. Lofts received a round of applause from the largely Chinese audience for his Mandarin!  Ms. Lin spoke English, and the pair heralded the parade of exquisite garments through the ages and told the stories of ancient times.  The models graced the stage in their slow, stately gait, and the silk fabrics and patterns glimmered, transporting us to another time, another world.  It was spell-binding.

Marilyn Field, Founder of DAREarts, thanked the crowd for coming, and reminded them that each child is excellent, no matter what their challenging surroundings.

It was an enchanting evening of ceremonial tea, soft music, warm hellos, fragrant flowers and beautiful gardens.

The Epoch Times wrote about the evening, and here’s their link: http://www.epochtimes.com/b5/13/3/17/n3824388.htm

Congratulations to the team for the gorgeous Canada Blooms’ Suzhou Garden display.  And thank you to the DAREarts and NTD Canada volunteers and Canada Blooms for a wonderful evening!


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