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DAREarts Students – Finding a Voice


“Your story is worth telling”

Glenn and student

The DAREarts Grade 8 Students are looking at a blank sheet of chart paper taped on the wall.

“You’re gonna perform this live at Promenade. Anyone freaked out a little bit? When you’re with a group of people it’s a lot easier. How many of you guys have a song that takes you back to where you heard it? Marks the time you heard it?” Glenn Marais speaks with a quiet surety that these kids will answer.  They’re shy, not willing right away to put up their hands.  He continues.

“Embrace who you are and try new things and continue to believe in the special person you are.”

Glenn and student 2

“Music is a strong connective force in our lives. You express what’s inside you. Believing that your life, your story is worth telling.  And it so is.  Everyone’s story is unique. You’re on the cusp of adulthood. One of the scariest times of life.  You need a strong foundation to support who you are.“

You matter, I matter

Let’s all be ourselves together
Dream what you wanna dream
Some things aren’t what they seem

I’m the colours of the rainbow
I just need to let it show
I’m one of a kind, just give me time, give me time to grow
I’m the colours of the rainbow
I just need to let it shine
I need a chance to escape my past
and make my future mine

Glenn and student 3

The theme today is Individualism.  Who am I now, and who do I want to be? Artists are people who always search, grow. “One of the traps of adulthood is that you can stop learning. Embrace who you are and try new things and continue to believe in the special person you are.”

Glenn’s story is unique.  He’s a Juno nominated musician and gifted guitar player. He’s collaborated with other superstars and one of the songs hit the charts with a song the he and the recording artist Snow wrote, called “Everybody Wants to Be Like You”.

He talks about the collaborative process. The magic band.

He’s a good guitar player. In fact, he’s a great guitar player and educator. He’s been with us for years on our Aboriginal workshops, in Webequie and Marten Falls. He’s also championed a cause of his own, for a children’s school in South Africa.  He’s an example for these soon-to-be adults as a leader and humanitarian.

Today the kids are going to change the world through their words and music, by defining who they are and what they want to be in the future.

Glenn & Students singing

“You wrote from a personal, courageous place. I just want to say, keep writing.  You are phenomenal writers.  It helped me through high school. It felt good, didn’t it? To get that stuff out?”

Glenn was pleased with how it all went. “What an incredible day. The students really opened up and shared some incredibly powerful stories with me and some of them really stepped up and were incredible, Kayly came up with the melody that broke it right open and Desirae really wrote some amazing stuff and sung beautifully, with her own melody that she wrote. That’s her voice you hear alone. Hauntingly beautiful. Another student came up with the idea for the end.”

The song will be featured in our Spring Promenade, the DAREarts Children’s Showcase on Thursday, June 13 at the Brockton Centre. (90 Croatia Stree), along with dances, music and artwork produced by the students over the past six weeks. For information on this, please call 905-729-0097.


3 thoughts on “DAREarts Students – Finding a Voice

  1. I really dig the message behind what he’s doing! that is awesome! We tend to think of rock n roll and then drugs and then sex. What if we can break that mindset and show a brighter path!!! great job and the work is worth it!

    • So true!Glenn has a big big heart, and that translates into trust and a desire to achieve. He fits so well into the DAREarts philosophy that we must expect excellence from our kids. Glenn inspires kids to believe in themselves and reminds us adults of how and why are arts are essential tools for survival in this life. Thank you so much for your support!

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