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Fly, Blue Goose, Fly!

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Proud to be an Aeroplan Beyond Miles Participating Charity!

We spend a lot of time in the air.  Flying back and forth with the Niska in Attawapiskat’s Ontario, Sulumgw in Mi’kmaw Canada’s Atlantic Provinces,Dene Xah on the West Coast.  In any language, the Canada Goose is a pretty good mascot for travelling with the seasons, for distances, and for survival. I know we like to shoot them, and eat them…and stuff our winter coats with them…but what better symbol than a Blue Goose for an Aeroplan donation?

We started up the campaign with an emailing, twitter and facebook. Soon you’ll see her everywhere. And when you do, be sure to click and donate those extra miles you have in your account. It doesn’t matter how many.  It’ll get us to places like Attawapiskat, Vancouver, Labrador, Quebec…all the places that have requested our help! If you know someone who’d like to donate miles, aim them towards us.  They can always find the Blue Goose and our Aeroplan Miles page here as well.

What we do when we get there…

Our programs are unique.  They don’t just impact the child, they ripple through the child to family, friends, neighbourhoods and communities. All the Arts Programs in partnership with Education Boards give kids a taste of the arts.  They find their passion and inner strength through positive reinforcement. Urban and Rural programs give the students the tools to grapple with life challenges through the arts.  They carry those tools with them and become leaders.

This is a song that the students in Attawiskat wrote with us last spring in Goose hunting season. We hope you enjoy it!

Goose Call


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