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Looking at Rocks 2 – DAREarts in Marten Falls FN

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 A Day In The Life of An Environmental Technician


The Youth of Marten Falls First Nation gathered together to create another award winning film about “A Day In The Life Of An Environmental Technician”.   Shot on location around Marten Falls, even the black flies didn’t dampen our spirits. There were lots of laughs and beautiful locations including Elder Moses’s tipi, the community hall, Elder Elizabeth’s riverside camp, and the mining office. 





Director and Editor Conrad Baxter posted immediately on his facebook as soon as we were wrapped!  I think this sums it up-

Conrad Baxter

“WOO!  Our video is fantastic (That’s how I put it,) I just couldn’t stop smiling.  Goes up tomorrow onto their website !  I am so happy I am done the video, but I’ll of course miss them.  Learned some great information and gained experience thanks to the help I’ve gotten.–feeling excited!

-Shelley MacDonald, DAREarts Teacher

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