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Looking at Rocks 3 – DAREarts in Marten Falls FN

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“Taking Away Sadness and Anger.”

Webequie First Nation was the last stop on the Mining Movie Making Youth Camp workshops, finishing up another fantastic summer of film making fun.   These kids had a few days of learning, creating and collaborating. Their films will be entered in a contest for the best film, and who knows? Maybe one of them will win a big cash prize.  They should all be congratulated for their hard work.  Stay tuned.  Their short films will be up soon, and you’ll get to see what they’ve accomplished in a mere three days!

Tyler recruiting MMM 2014

Hockey and Mining… by Lead Teacher Laura MacKinnon and Shelley MacDonald

The Mining Movie Making Youth Camp (MMMYC) sponsored by Noront in partnership with DAREarts, Engage Learn, and the Ontario Mining Association had their first of three all-day sessions today.  When we asked the youth about what kinds of things they like to watch on TV, NHL hockey was mentioned right away, so we started brainstorming on how mining is connected to hockey.  Hockey is huge in this community.  One of the youth wrote:

“Young adults put their lives into hockey.  If they have a problem, they pick up their skates, hockey sticks and start walking to the rink.   Hockey and skating can take away sadness and anger.”

On day 2, as the kids arrived and got settled, Felix projected all the photos that the kids took the day before for them to see.   Laura and Shelley lead a Camera angle movement game incorporating the kids’ photos.

Eric Shewaybick, A DAREarts grad,  dropped by to help translate some of the script in Oji –Cree. 50% of the narration for the film is in Oji-Cree. Over lunch,  Eric and Elder Mathias finessed the translation.  After lunch, we took the whole group out to film the rest of the shots while Kaitlyn and Eric worked with Tyler the young boy who recorded the Oji-Cree lines.

We finished the shots, worked on the signs for credits and Laura/Shelley worked with the other two kids who were recording the voice over.  They recorded some of the voice over and wrapped up for a dinner break.


On day 3 the students also learned about the job of an environmental technician.  We watched a short film, which highlighted aspects of the job, and then set out with plastic bags and cameras to collect and document 5 samples from around the community.  A really interesting variety of plants, rocks, soil, water, and even three live insects were collected, sorted and photographed.


How does this all connect to mining you ask?  One of the youth concluded, “Most of our equipment is made from minerals that come from the mining industry.”

The youth had an opportunity to work together, learn about mining and teach others about their own perspective in regards to the environment, work, play and culture. Not bad for a three day film project!


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