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Mayor Hazel McCallion wows Orangeville Arts Community

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“A person without the arts is a person without a soul.”

MayorsMayor Hazel McCallion talked about her commitment to the arts in Mississauga, and how they are an indicator of a community “growing up”. That the government is too busy fixing roads and making sure that we have clean water to direct large cash flows to the arts. That as citizens, it is up to us to step up and support the arts with our expertise, commitment and cash. It can’t all be left up to the artists. “They need to be able to dream.”


Scotia Bank and Hazel give to the arts

Marilyn Field’s dream to enrich and empower kids through the arts continues to ripple through our communities on a local level.  DAREarts is partnering with the Headwaters Arts, and Koros Games to open a contest for high school students with a passion for visual arts. Come back for details on the contest, which will be held at Koros Games, 119 Broadway, Orangeville on September 29.  In the meantime, phone Koros Games at 519-341-7080.Wayne, Marilyn, Marilyn



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