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Holiday Cheer in the Country ’13

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The bus couldn’t make it up the icy hill to Chateau Windrush, so the Rexdale Outreach Choir (ROC) had to disembark and walk up the long and winding driveway to the front door. This was a first time foray into the country for some of these teens, who were invited by DAREarts Founder Marilyn Field and Co-chair John C. Pennie to join them in celebrating the season.  Once they were safely inside, DAREarts board members and supporters greeted them.


The ROC rocked the gathering of over 100 people in the country home, with their harmonic and inspirational gospel songs. But the song that moved the audience was the powerful anthem written by DAREarts Webequie First Nation youth, from a thousand kilometres away. This connection between Rexdale teens and Aboriginal youth was made possible through the work of Juno nominee Glenn Marais who co-wrote the song with the Webequie youth and DAREarts Aboriginal Leader Cathy Elliott, who taught it to the ROC.

The audience joined in with carols, buoyed by the beautiful voices of ROC and, at one point, a little voice rose above the chorus – one of our board members, Susan Doniz, brought her daughter, who took the floor and charmed everyone.

DARE2draw ATTENTION original greeting cards went fast. An added bonus was the cash that was hand delivered by our friend, Kelly Mayville of Uniquely Pure who had held a fundraiser for DAREarts.


ImageDAREarts Holiday Cheer in the Country was supported by Van Harten Surveying Inc. and In The Hills Publications. Thank you to all of you who donated your time and efforts to this fundraiser. It was a terrific way to start the season, and DAREarts kids everywhere will be singing because of you.


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