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DAREarts and Vancouver Opera: The Power of the Circle

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DAREarts is pleased to announce a special evening on February 27 at the dress rehearsal of Don Giovanni for 60 DAREarts Vancouver youth and their families. Transportation, food and tickets are sponsored by Vancouver Opera. There will be a reception prior to the performance, with a photo-opportunity at 5:00 at the Michael and Inna O’Brian Centre for Vancouver Opera,1955 McLean Drive.

This past December, DAREarts youth, in partnership with Vancouver Opera, created their own high-tech version of Don Giovanni, which they performed following a two week workshop at the O’Brian Centre.

Youth from Admiral Seymour School, Britannia Elementary, Hastings Elementary, Queen Alexandra, and Lord Strathcona schools gathered daily to explore music, writing, acting, dancing and singing. Colleen Maybin, Manager of Education & Community Engagement, worked with the youth on an original overture for their adaptation of Don Giovanni to play at the final showcase. Elder Mary Jane Joe stressed the “Power of the Circle” as a bridging message for the group of Vancouver area Aboriginal and Non-Aboriginal teens.

DAREarts Vancouver teaching team Shelley MacDonald, Linda Carson, Elder Mary Jane JoeMarc Siller, Colleen Maybin, Roy MulderAmelia Wilson, Marlo Mason and High School Mentors, Akaiya and Stewart, along with Vancouver Opera’s Young Artists Program Singers led the students through a “taste test” of the arts, building their confidence and igniting change in their lives.

“Through various mediums, the children explored ways that the DAREarts values could guide them through challenging times to become leaders,” says Marilyn Field, DAREarts Founder. “The children created works that became the voice of their self-exploration and artistic interpretation of these DAREarts values.”

DAREarts is a Canadian not-for-profit organization, which stands for “Discipline, Action, Responsibility and Excellence”.  DAREarts’ 5-year program works with 9-14 year olds from schools in high-priority neighbourhoods, empowering them to become leaders.  Visit www.darearts.com for more information about DAREarts.  Visit http://www.darearts.wordpress.com for up-to-date sharing of their experiences.

Vancouver Opera is the second largest opera company in Canada. It is regarded worldwide for its fine mainstage productions; for its country-leading education programs, which have reached more than 1.6 million children and their families; for its innovative and award-winning community programs; and for forging ground-breaking cross-cultural creative partnerships that have brought opera to new generations of Canadians.  Their production of ‘Don Giovanni’ opens March 1, 2014.

With funding from Northbridge Insuranceas well as ArtStarts, TELUS Vancouver Community Fund, HUB International, The McLean Foundation, Dandurand Wines, Cavalier Jewellersand Sandman Suites.


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