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You Are Toronto’s Future

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DAREarts Winter Showcase ’14


Last night we ran out of parking space! This was an especially inspiring night because of the way the community responded to these kids. The coincidence was not lost on us that it was also Toronto’s 180th Birthday. We sang happy birthday to Hogtown and went on to have a blast in Rexdale.


DAREarts featured almost three hundred young people on the North Albion Collegiate Institute’s stage. They premiered the new DARE2sing Project, singing “Roar” and owning the house. There didn’t seem to be any nerves or shyness. In fact, it was the opposite. They were ferocious!  DAREarts formed a new choir, rocked with the ROC, engaged kids from NACI who hung around and volunteered because they didn’t want to go home. DAREarts graduates asked us to add another year to the program – grade eight. Last night, we saw parents acting like paparazzi, filming their kids’ performances and then rushing out in the lobby to watch it again.

Toronto dignitaries, TDSB  principals, teachers and parents munched cookies and mingled as the kids showed their parents the artworks they had created over the past twelve weeks. The pop-up gallery featured mixed media works, ceramics, architectural structures and acrylic paintings.

DAREarts is proud of the kids from 17 GTA schools who worked hard over a twelve week span to learn, create, and teach each other – under the guidance of DAREarts Lead Teacher Laura MacInnon and her Teaching Team, Molly Enneson and Mackenzy Willis. A special thanks goes out to all of our artist/educators who inspired and sparked change in DAREarts children!


DAREarts went home inspired, once again, by the possibility of communities coming together. When we saw the ROC and the DARE2sing Choir singing “Spirit of the North,” created by Aboriginal youth from Webequie First Nation, we were moved again by the reality that kids, no matter where they come from, are our jewels.

“You’re gonna hear me ROAR!”


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