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National Pink Day & DAREarts

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DAREarts has been empowering kids to find leadership within themselves for eighteen years. Part of our success is based on the fact that we work with kids who are bullied as well as the bullies.


Most of the time, the kids who come to us through their schools are the ones that don’t know how to channel their feelings into positive responses. Given the freedom and a completely safe environment, they discover through the arts ways to express, collaborate, create and ultimately, lead.

This is a transformative process that takes years, but we see the difference within minutes.

pink day notes

Bullying has no place in our schools, streets or workplaces. It has no place in our digital world, either. We salute the kids who stand up against bullying, and heartily congratulate our DAREarts children and youth who have proven that Discipline, Action, Respect and Excellence through compassion, knowledge and the arts, save lives.Image



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