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Fantastic Fundraising from our DAREarts Vancouver Team!

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From the desk of Stephanie Haseman, Coordinator of Volunteers:


Left to right: Northbridge Insurance volunteer Kirsten Brandreth, DAREarts Vancouver Program Coordinator Trish De Luca, and Youth Apprentice Amelia Wilson.

A special shout-out to our wonderful DAREarts Vancouver team and lead supporter Northbridge Insurance for an amazing round of fundraising! The DAREarts table at the Britannia Elementary Fundraising Flea Market was manned by DAREarts Program Coordinator Trish De Luca, Teacher Shelley MacDonald, Youth Apprentice Amelia Wilson, and volunteer Kirsten Brandreth, the Portfolio Manager (Western Region) of Northbridge Insurance.

DAREarts Vancouver

All smiles for fundraising at Britannia Elementary!

Along with meeting parents and community members, this Super Team managed to raise nearly $350 for the 2014 DAREarts Vancouver program! Way to go, ladies!

A very big thank you to Kirsten from Northbridge for her amazing dedication to this fundraiser, including volunteering her time at the table and arranging donations in order to help us raise some money for DAREarts. With the aid of volunteers like you, we are able to engage children and ignite change!

DAREarts Vancouver

DAREarts Teacher Shelley MacDonald and Youth Apprentice Amelia Wilson show off their items for sale.



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