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TDATAhis is a feature called Data (DAREarts all-the-arts) Weekly. It’s a review of our Toronto Program. Meet Lead Teacher Laura MacKinnon, Co-Teacher Adam Strickland, TA’s Mackenzy Willis, Molly Enneson, our top drawer Artist/Educators and DAREarts kids as they stand up, speak out with a clear voice and empower themselves to be the very best they can be.

Shoe cropped

May 12 – FASHION DAY Starting off on the right foot, on FASHION DAY, the Grade Fives visited the Bata Museum to explore how fashion and power were intrinsically connected, from kings to peasants, and how it continues to influence social status today. Then they visited the Gardiner Museum to explore Commedia dell’arte fashions and gestures, which support the idea that the clothes make the man (or man dressed up as a woman in the theatrical sense) and why certain fabrics and patterns turned peasants into Emperors. While at the Gardiner, they planned and created whimsically ornate clay high heel shoes, all the while thinking about what high heels meant in the 17th Century and what they mean now. Shout outs to Ricky for his excellent use of today’s DARE of the day, time management, and to Emily for using her inner leadership to support and manage her team!

May 13 – DRAMA DAY The Grade Seven students had the opportunity to visit the CBC Museum and learn the difference between Radio dramas and theatre, why radio was so important in the period between the ‘20’s to the ‘50’s and how to make the sound effects that set the time and place of a radio drama or commercial. They saw how commercials were embedded into the radio play, which arms them with the discernment to recognise product placement in media that they see today. At the Lillian Smith Library they wrote their own commercials about a product that they made up. These commercials will be presented at the DAREarts Spring Showcase on Thursday, June 5. Shout outs to Ellen for her creative energy and excellent use of today’s DARE of the day, “positive collaboration”, and to India for her respectful behaviour and showing leadership by supporting her team!

May 14 – LITERATURE DAYLaura puts on Mask Dunlop

The Grade Fives revisited the world of Commedia dell’arte, guided by David Langlois, who introduced them to stock characters, including Arlecchino, Pantalone, Brighella, Pedrolino, Il Dottore, and Il Capitano. They used their bodies to incorporate the physical language of Commedia, and freed their spirits through masque work. Add to these activities the challenge to risk through improvisation, and the effect is infectious and entertaining. Shout outs to Rhiannon for supporting her team through her words and enthusiastic participation, and to Connor for his commitment to making the day incredible for his whole team!

May 15 – MEDIA DAYmovie in a day 1éjpg

The Grade Eights formed film crews at TIFF Bell Lightbox’s ‘Movie in a Day’ workshop. They brainstormed multiple scripts and created two short films. They learned the film industry language, how to format a film script and line up shots.  Their films will be featured at the June 5th Spring Showcase. Shout outs to Jenan for finding her outer voice and courage in the role of assistant director, and to Ethan for keeping the group on focus and sharing his enthusiasm with the team!

May 16 – FINANCIAL LITERACY DAYa86b83a3e6a355914170570d9b19b4ea_bigger

30 DAREarts Grade Eight’s participated in ‘Day on Bay.’ in partnership with the Junior Economic Club of Canada. This year the children joined in financial literacy workshops with professionals from Investment Funds Institute of Canada, Porter Airlines, Visa, Chartered Professional Accountants of Ontario, Amex Canada, and Scotiabank. A crucial part of DAREarts is financial literacy, with emphasis on planning their financial future.


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