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DAREarts all-the-arts Weekly May 20 – 23

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DATAThis is our feature called Data (DAREarts all-the-arts) Weekly. It’s a review of our Toronto Program, which runs December – June. Meet Lead Teacher Laura MacKinnon, TA’s Mackenzy Willis, Molly Enneson, our top drawer Artist/Educators and DAREarts kids as they stand up, speak out with a clear voice and empower themselves to be the very best they can be.


DATA Model

MaDATA model 3y 20 – FASHION DAY – Grade 7

How has body image for men and women changed over the last Century? The Grade 7 students had a lively discussion about how fashion photography lacked diversity in the recent past, how racism was reflected, and how the images were connected to important 20th Century events.

Guest artists Eleni Edwards and Lise Godel led the students through sketching their designs, selecting donated clothing pieces, and assembled the repurposed pieces. Today’s art activity applied history to fashion by asking each student to choose a decade of the 20th Century to inspire the creation of their own repurposed garments.  In a nod to fashion photography, the day concluded with each student having their portrait taken by volunteer photographer Alan Dunlop. These photos will be on display at the students’ DAREarts Promenade showcase on June 5th.

Shout outs to Michelle for using excellent critical thinking while looking at today’s fashion images, and for her use of today’s DARE of the Day, Time Management, and to Ashley for her dedication and for showing her inner discipline during the creation of her garment!

May 21 – VISUAL ART DAY – Grade 5

DATA visual art tableauweb

At the Art Gallery of Ontario, the children learned about how chiaroscuro, diagonal lines, and colour can create drama and symbolism in a work of art with educator Zavette Quadros. During their time at the AGO, Grade 5 students explored how Drama can be expressed in a visual arts context. In the afternoon, the children worked with local artist Cortney Stephenson to create their own chiaroscuro paintings. The children persevered and through their determination they were very impressed with themselves at the finished paintings.

Shout outs to Valerie for her commitment and focus during this afternoon’s art activity and her insight during closing circle, and to Zoe for her bravery in volunteering to “chair” today’s group thank you with volume and clarity!

May 22 – LEADERSHIP DAY – Grade 8

The Grade 8 students started at the Royal Ontario Museum, where they focused on the recurring theme of sustainability and our impact on the environment through a biodiversity tour with educator Bethany Kempster. During the tour, the students observed many of the environmental concerns and problems of the 21st century, including global climate change, endangered species, destruction of habitat, and pollution.

In the afternoon, the students utilized their time management skills to lead themselves through the rehearsal of their dance, drama, and song pieces that will be performed at their DAREarts Promenade Showcase on June 5th.

Shout outs to Trishauna for courageously offering suggestions and using her voice powerfully to get the attention of the group, and to Teonna using today’s DARE of the Day, “Support Your Team”, by stepping up and leading with both kindness and confidence as the team was rehearsing.

comic book sessionMay 23 – LITERATURE DAY – Grade 7

What’s the difference between a comic book and a graphic novel? Between science fiction and fantasy?  The Grade Seven class explored these genres at the Lillian Smith Library’s Merril Collection, one of only three extensive collections worldwide. After observing a wide sampling of important works stemming from the Romantic era until modern day, students focused on the 20th century idea of the individual, and how “that which is unique to us makes us strong.”

In the afternoon, students had the opportunity to flex their creativity as they collaborated in pairs to create their own superheroes, which had to include one or more special powers, an origin for their powers, a costume, and a drawn character design. With many blossoming artists in the class and an excellent level of creativity, students excitedly shared their ideas with one another and fleshed out their own four-panel “first page” of a comic book featuring their superhero, which included an introductory slide, their character, and multiple camera angles.

Shout outs to Oishee for her active involvement and her insightful reflections on what made her collaboration successful, and to Akshaya for demonstrating creativity within the activity’s criteria and for her use of time management!




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