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Andy Dale: D2A Champion

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From the desk of Stephanie Haseman, Coordinator of Volunteers:

Nearing the end of this season’s DARE2act for youth, we would like to thank our extraordinary volunteer, Andrew Dale. Andy’s enthusiastic involvement ensured that our after-school D2A program was a big hit with the youth, and motivated them to learn about financial literacy – creatively!


Andy Dale, Vice-President of Acasta Capital, and DARE2act program supporter.

Andy’s relationship with DAREarts began at our 2013 Summer Camp.  The youth had been learning about debt through Shakespeare’s “The Merchant of Venice”, and by the end they had amassed an array of questions related to financial literacy and were eager to speak to an expert from the financial sector. Then with OMERS Private Equity (now Vice-President at Acasta Capital), Andy was the perfect choice to speak to our students!


Andy and Kohilan, DAREarts grad, at the 2013 Summer Camp performance of “The Merchant of Venice”.

Andy hosted a vibrant roundtable discussion with the students as the Summer Camp’s finale.  He was engaging, approachable and patient as our youth asked question after question related to money. With Summer Camp a huge success, our youth immediately started asking for the DARE2act after-school program.  After seeing how many financial concerns the students carry with them, DAREarts staff decided to run the program through a financial literacy lens.


Andy and DAREarts Lead Teacher, Laura MacKinnon, with the D2A youth at their 2013 skating party.

Andy expressed interest in increasing his involvement with DAREarts through this expanded version of the D2A program, so he and DAREarts Lead Teacher Laura MacKinnon worked together to create a curriculum that highlighted key financial areas to be of most benefit to the youth. Since then, Andy has been fully involved in the planning and teaching of each of the monthly events, and has been incredibly generous in taking over roles in the D2As, including co-teacher and youth mentor.


All smiles at the DAREarts 2014 Leadership Awards Gala! Left to right: Jared Tessis, Rick Mercer, and Andy Dale.

An organization like DAREarts relies upon and flourishes through our relationships with critical vo lunteers like Andy Dale.  We cannot thank him enough for his support and belief in our youth.  Only together can we help these youth become leaders in their own lives and in the wider world.

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