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DATA all-the-arts May 26 – 30

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TDATAhis is a feature called Data (DAREarts all-the-arts) Weekly. It’s a review of our Toronto Program. Meet Lead Teacher Laura MacKinnon, Co-Teacher Adam Strickland, TA’s Mackenzy Willis, Molly Enneson, our top drawer Artist/Educators and DAREarts kids as they stand up, speak out with a clear voice and empower themselves to be the very best they can be.

DATA violin

As we move into the final hours of our Spring Program, we are reminded again of how far our kids have come in just weeks. This week, as we summed up our exploration of all the arts, the children realise they’ve discovered new things that they didn’t know about themselves, their passions and strengths.

DAREarts Wins International Awards!

Five DAREarts young delegates have been awarded top prizes in an international contest!  Recently, our grade 4 class visited the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre, and wrote haiku poetry.   Our delegates’ haikus were submitted to the JAL Foundation’s “Children World Haiku Contest”, which has participants from around the globe up to age 15.  Five DAREarts delegates will have their works included in the annual anthology created through this contest.  Emma, a girl who was so bullied at school that she could not even eat lunch with her schoolmates, is one a 1st place winner from across all of Canada!  At DAREarts, Emma had the opportunity to “start over” with no labels; in the safe environment provided by DAREarts, she was able to make friends and come out of her shell. We are so incredibly proud of her accomplishments! Our second place winners are Brandon, Nawal, Jason, and Asha, who impressed the judges with their creative and insightful haiku pieces. What a great way to end this Spring Program for these students! Congratulations to you all.

download_20140526_105651MONDAY – Grade 5 Leadership Day started at the ROM, where the children explored the values of teamwork, communication, patience, and courage through the history of Canada. With a focus on Aboriginal life and culture in Canada during the 17th Century, the students explored long houses, canoes, beaver pelts, and useful artefacts including a child’s snow shoe and arrow heads. In observing Norval Morriseau’s “The Migration”, they discussed the history of how First Nations people first came to North America.

Today’s DARE of the day, patience, was important during the afternoon and on Wednesday’s Rehearsal Day as the students successfully ran their own rehearsal sessions, working together to perfect their performance for their upcoming showcase.

TUESDAY – Grade Seven Leadership Day also started at the ROM with youths exploring the lives of the first peoples of Canada, First Nations and Inuit, from a historical perspective: how the many cultures in early Canada connect to today as dynamic and evolving over time.  In observing a collage piece by Cree artist Jane Ash Poitras, the students discussed the residential schools of the 20th Century.  In a lab exhibitions, the class explored historical artifacts that showcased the integral use of the natural world in day -to-day life.

THURSDAY – Grade Eight Rehearsal Day the students rehearsed their spoken word and song, “I Am Me” for their upcoming performance on June 5. Their spoken word poem says it all:

I was once a burst of life

Floating in my dreams with all the world in front of me

I was once smaller than a grain of sand

Then they taught me, they loved me,

And understood me

As I woke from this long lasting dream

I was solid as a rock, and stronger than metal

That is how I came to be

DATA conga 72The afternoon and Friday’s Rehearsal Day focused on teamwork, where the students led their own rehearsals. By using strong leadership skills, the students created excellent collaborative pieces that will be showcased at their Promenade performance on June 5th.   Shout outs to Claire for her maturity in leading her team, Cassidy for ensuring that each delegate felt supported, Jesse for his thoughtful reflections, Isaiah for using his inner discipline to keep the team moving forward, Michelle for her leadership during dance rehearsals in small groups, and to Hailey, Cailin, Madison, Sydney, Lia, Ashley, and Jaycie for their support, respect and team spirit!

THURSDAY, JUNE 5th– The DAREarts Spring Showcase called ‘Promenade Through Time’ is the culmination of an army of professionals: arts education partners and supporters, artist/educators, volunteers and school teachers who welcomed their students back into their classrooms to peer-teach.  Don’t miss this date: Thursday, June 5th, 7 pm at the Brockton Centre, Bloor / Dufferin area.



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