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A Gold Mine of Inspiration: Making Movies in Pickle Lake

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Her father is her role model.

Her name is Destiny and she is a teen who lives in Pickle Lake, the most northerly community in Ontario with year round access by road. Founded in 1928 after gold was discovered nearby, Pickle Lake has been shaped by the mining industry. Destiny’s father is a miner.

She recently took part in the DAREarts Mining Movie Making Youth Camp, an educational partnership of Noront Resources, the Ontario Mining Association and DAREarts, which facilitates youth empowerment through the creation of student films about mining. Her group, calling themselves Rock On Productions, decided to make a mini-documentary about the history of Pickle Lake.

In the film, Destiny explains that mining is critical for her community and she expresses her desire to join the industry like her father. For our DAREarts team, it helped put into perspective just how personal the issue of mining is to the people it most effects. We look forward to sharing Destiny’s film with you. MMMYC Pickle Lake filming The two other newly founded youth production companies took different approaches to the topic. The aptly named Batman Productions invented a story about dueling mining superheroes, Mining Man and Rock Man. CAVE Productions choreographed a humourous dance number.

In helping the CAVE team, our lead teacher Laura MacKinnon was impressed by these students willingness to teach as well as learn. One student even taught Laura how to shuffle.

The students also excelled at teaching each other. After Nathanael, a filmmaker from Amethyst Images, taught the youth editors of each group how to use iMovie, the students then passed on these skills to their peers. Seeing them do this so naturally, and so effectively, made it clear to our team that the students would also pass on the core lessons of DARE (Discipline, Action, Responsibility and Excellence) to the rest of their peers and their community. MMMYC Pickle Lake Editing The task that challenged our students the most was appearing on camera. While they were comfortable being behind-the-scenes, doing the slate and yelling “quiet on set,” taking on the DARE to perform was a huge challenge. These students rose to the occasion and gained the confidence they needed to step out of their comfort zones. By the end of the camp, they were completely self-sufficient and, collectively, they produced three short films.

At the end of the week, the youths held their very own MMMYC film festival for the school staff and parents which resulted in many laughs and cheers. The overwhelming suggestion from both the students and the staff was that DAREarts should stay for longer. We couldn’t agree more, and we can’t wait to return to Pickle Lake with our partners in the future!


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