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DAY ONE: DAREarts Vancouver Begins ‘Stickboy’ Inspired Program

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by Shelley MacDonald Today, DAREarts Vancouver launched their 2014 program with 25 students from Strathcona Elementary School at the Vancouver Opera rehearsal space. Our themes for this week are inspired by the opera Stickboy, the story of the birth of a bully, which our students saw earlier this year. Our focus points are Discipline, Action, Reflection, Responsibility, Respect and Excellence. When we focus on these values in ourselves, the leader is nurtured. Vancouver Day One Working We opened with a prayer and Blessing from Our Elder Ne’tkco who also shared some of her story of being bullied in Residential School. The students then reflected on her story and journaled about what causes people to bully. Vancouver Day One Elder “I think people bully to get even and to give someone the pain they are in! I am going to focus on Respect today,” said one of our Gr. 6 students The students jumped right into the art activities today, building journals, contour drawing and creating life size sculptures of a bully, a target, and a bystander. Some parting thoughts from our DARE kids as they post-it noted their facebook status:

“I had a lot of fun doing DAREarts for the First Day!”


“ I am feeling responsible… The best thing for me today, is that we worked in groups.”


“ I am feeling happy and excited for tomorrow!”

—Gr. 7 student

Vancouver Day One Cardboard

Check back soon to see what else our children learn about at DAREarts Vancouver!


One thought on “DAY ONE: DAREarts Vancouver Begins ‘Stickboy’ Inspired Program

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