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DAREarts Week-in-Review: January 5 – 9

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DAREarts started the New Year off strong with five incredible workshops in Toronto. Read on to see everything our kids learned this week!

Monday: Moving with Energy

DAREarts Week in Review Jan 5DAREarts Week in Review Jan 5 danceDAREarts Week in Review Jan 5 dance




Sampradaya instructor, Malati Rajagopalan, taught our Grade Fives the Bharatnatyam, DARING our kids to move with energy and try something unfamiliar. Later, the children visited Opera Atelier where Co-Artistic Director Jeannette Zingg taught them the Sarabande, a dance from the Baroque Period.

Shout outs!

To Sadaf for her disciplined focus and showing confidence while demonstrating the Sarabande! To Sujani, for sharing her knowledge of the Bharatnatyam to help guide her peers!

 Tuesday: The Lion Dance

DAREarts Week in Review Jan 6

Our Gr.4 children visited the Chinese Cultural Centre of Greater Toronto where Wendy Zhao introduced them to the traditional Chinese pipa and taught them the folk song, “Jasmine Flower.” Later, the Clearview School of Arts & Culture teaching team arrived, and taught our kids the Lion Dance. This included renowned martial arts professional Luo Zhi Fa who taught our kids the rare “Shadow Dragon” dance!

Shout outs!

To Wolfgang for his excellent focus and effort throughout the day’s activities! To Bryanna for her leadership and initiative in directing a thank you for our guests!

 Wednesday: At the AGO

DAREarts Week in Review - Jan 7 AGO

Grade Five delegates visited the AGO where educator Laboni Islam taught them about chiaroscuro, symbolism and narrative in 17th and 18th century European paintings. Our DAREarts kids then went over to the Toronto School of Art, where local artist Cortney Stephenson helped them to create their own monochrome still life paintings in a candlelit studio.

Shout outs!

To Tevfik for taking responsibility for the cleanup, and Felix for his leadership in organizing our “thank you” to Ms. Islam at the AGO! Special thanks as well to volunteer Jeffrey Hands for his support throughout the afternoon’s art activity!

 Thursday: Fashion, Photography and Social Media


Our Grade Eights were treated to three unique workshops on Fashion Day!

Fashion photographer, Bryan Lockyer, taught the basics of a fashion shoot, composition and photo editing. Makeup artists, Amanda and Carmyn, showed the delegates the therapeutic qualities of makeup as an art form. World-renowned model and blogger, Madison Schill, discussed the influence of social media and the impact of popular image on our student’s lives.

Special shout out to the whole class for their incredible bravery and support of one another.

 Friday: St. Paul’s and Self-Portraits 

Self portraits

The restored murals of St. Paul’s Basilica awed our children on Visual Arts Day. Later, artist Leanna Manning taught our students to create their own watercolour self-portraits, inspired by Leonardo da Vinci. Taking the DARE of the day, our kids demonstrated commitment and patience to recreate their own likeness.

Shout outs!

To Jayden and Brocklynn for their perseverance, enthusiasm and teamwork throughout the day! Thanks again to Jeffrey Hands for helping out with the day’s activities.

Thank you to all of our guests for making this week extraordinary!

Next week? DAREarts Vancouver and DAREarts Manitoba are both starting and there will be more from DAREarts Toronto! Stay tuned and make sure to check out our website for more on how we are igniting change in Canadian youth nationwide.


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