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DAREarts Toronto Week-in-Review: February 2 – 6

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Monday: Snow Storm

Monday’s class was cancelled due to a snow storm.

Tuesday: Chili Caliente!


Our grade six delegates began their music day at the Canadian Opera Company where we met with Ms. Vanessa Smith, who introduced the delegates to opera and described how opera uses a combination of music, costumes, movement, acting, and props to tell stories. The delegates toured the costume department, wig department, props department, the Imperial Oil Theatre, and the music library, taking in the many sights and sounds of the “inner workings” of a production. In the afternoon, Contralto Sarah Hicks took the lead to teach the delegates Chili Caliente, a piece based on a melody from The Barber of Seville.

Shout outs!

Shout outs to Elijah for showing inner leadership by supporting himself and his peers through his positive decisions, and to Sophia for her excellent dramatic performance and commitment throughout the day!

Wednesday: Canadian Visual Art from All Angles!


On their Visual Art Day, our grade seven delegates met with Art Gallery of Ontario educator Laboni, who toured the students through the AGO’s galleries of 20th Century artwork. The delegates “toured” the Canadian artscape through a selection of works by the Group of Seven, Norval Morrisseau’s “Man Changing Into Thunderbird”, a vibrant abstract painting by Jean Paul Riopelle, a hyper-realistic sculpture by Evan Penny, and the Cubist painting “The Kneeling Woman”. In the afternoon, the Toronto School of Art welcomed us warmly, where an visual artist Leanna Manning worked with the class to create stencils for their own mixed media paintings. The students used inspiration from the shapes and lines in Aboriginal art alongside the landscapes of the Group of Seven to create pieces informed by their own creative spirits.

Shout outs!

Shout outs to Naomi for her respect, focus, and commitment during the afternoon art activity, and to Schneider for his thoughtful observations and inquisitive spirit!

Thursday: Creative & Abstract Thinking


Visual Art Day brought our grade eight delegates into the world of 21st Century artistic techniques. At the Art Gallery of Ontario, educator Darren toured the students through Contemporary Art, highlighting conceptual, environmental, and installation pieces, and how current technology is used in the creation of art. In observing the many different works of art, the delegates learned to reflect and challenge themselves to see how contemporary art reflects big ideas while also allowing the viewer to reflect on their own identity and views of the world. In the afternoon, painter Mark Grice hosted an abstract portrait workshop that encouraged the teens to explore how elements of their individual identities can be transformed into visual artwork.

Shout outs!

Shout outs to Huda for leading by example right from the very start of the day on the bus through her commitment to this morning’s bus lesson, and to Tommy for his thoughtful and reflective participation, and for his confidence and perseverance during this afternoon’s art activity!

Friday: Stepping up to the Barre


Grade Six Dance Day at Ballet Jorgen was a day of grace, energy, discipline, and movement. Former professional dancer and ballet teacher Laetitia Clement introduced the class to a day in the life of a dancer, including warm ups, exercises at the barre, and centre practice. Accompanied by a pianist, the delegates then had the opportunity to try out a ballet class for themselves. The students then observed a ballet demonstration by five students from the George Brown College Dance Program of numerous jumps and turns, pointe work, and partner work. The morning concluded with a look at ballet costumes and pointe shoes. In the afternoon, the delegates learned choreography set to a waltz and a gigue, instructed by Ms. Clement.

Shout outs!

Shout outs to Jahsiya for his inner discipline and for prompting the class to challenge themselves throughout the afternoon, and to Rebekah for leading by example with her prior knowledge of ballet and for her bravery in using her voice today!

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