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A Week in DAREarts Toronto!

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Monday: That Old Tyme Radio


On Grade Seven Drama Day, the students met at the CBC Museum for an introduction to the history of broadcasting and the CBC. Through a scavenger hunt, they explored the many displays focused on radio programming. In the Graham Spry Theatre at the museum, we discussed the importance of the radio from the 1920s to the 1950s. Co-Teacher Mr. S offered the students an introduction to radio advertising, including both modern and vintage ads. Students then wrote and recorded their own “commercials” together in groups, using Foley for sound effects and their own brainstormed invented products or services.

Shout Outs!

To Salma for her excellent group work, demonstrating strong collaboration and a good understanding of our DARE of the Day, and to Nicholas for sharing his thoughtful ideas and suggestions to support his group!

Tuesday: What’s Your Impression?


For Grade 6 Visual Art Day the children explored the Nineteenth Century styles of Impressionism, Romanticism, Realism, and Expressionism. The Art Gallery of Ontario’s educator, Darren, pulled out all the stops in introducing the children to the world of Nineteenth Century visual art, and throughout the tour the delegates sketched out landscapes inspired by the Impressionist works that were on display. In the afternoon at the Toronto School of Art, artist Cortney Stephenson taught the children about brushstroke techniques, texture, and timing as the students created their own landscape Impressionist style paintings.

Shout Outs!

To Tianna for her volume and clarity in today’s artist thank-you, and for her dedication during this afternoon’s art activity, and to Muhammet for his positivity and commitment to the DARE values, and for supporting his peers!

Wednesday: Fashionably Inclined!


Grade Seven Fashion Day started with an interactive visual presentation of fashion from each decade of the 20th Century, highlighting how fashion evolved as a reflection of society and how image ideals for both men and women changed over many decades. The lack of diversity in the fashion photographs also prompted a discussion about racism throughout the 20th Century. Guest artist Lise Godel led the creative activity, which applied history to fashion by having the delegates divide into groups representing each decade of the 20th Century, and the delegates individually sketched their own designs based on the fashions of their respective eras. Afterward, each group then built one of their designs using donated clothing, with one delegate from each group modelling the created piece.

Shout Outs!

To Ethana for her professionalism and problem solving during this afternoon’s creative activity, and to Aayush for coming out of his shell and for committing wholeheartedly to today’s group creative project!

Thursday: Who are We?


Grade Eight Literature Day had the delegates asking “Who am I? Who are you?” as the theme of the day. In the morning, the class met with award-winning author and journalist Monika Stevenson, who led them through the process of writing a memoir with four chapters, exploring where they come from, who they are now, who and what they want to be, and how they represent the DAREarts values of Discipline, Action, Responsibility, and Excellence. With the day’s goal being to ‘share your story’, the class shared their memoirs aloud with great success. The delegates then each selected their favourite excerpt from their memoirs to be included in a special compilation piece. As the final activity, the delegates were then tasked with determining a single word that best represents who they are, using their memoirs as guidance.

Shout Outs!

To Ivan for leading by example with his energy, participation, and sharing, and to Rumaisa for her excellent volume and clarity when sharing her well-written memoir!

Friday: A Day Off for the Delegates

Friday February 13th was a PA Day for the TDSB schools.


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