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Finding a Place to Belong at DAREarts: Grade 5 Reflections

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A special message from DAREarts Founder & President, Marilyn Field:

Some days come along that you will remember for the rest of your life. That was today.

download_20150513_133337With their showcase cancelled to manage our budget, our Grade 5 class – thirty 10 year olds from 15 schools across Toronto – shared their love of learning  for an audience of 10 people. With joyful precision, they danced an East Indian Bharatnatyam dance, they dramatized four Commedia dell’arte characters and they sang Handel’s Royal Fireworks music, then bowed to our thundering applause.

Then it happened.  One boy put up his hand to tell me eloquently why being in DAREarts had helped him shake off the bullies at his school.  Then a sweet little girl put her hand up to tell how she too has been bullied – until this year when she learned to be strong in DAREarts. Then a cute round-faced boy told how, despite trying hard to make friends at his school, he “was invisible to others” but now, after DAREarts, it doesn’t matter.  Then one of the big boys told how he too has been picked on at his school. As he spoke, he broke down sobbing.  The other children waited caringly for him to find his words, and then another boy moved closer to put his hand on the boy’s shoulder as the sobbing boy went on to say that at DAREarts he had found friends.  Another boy then shared how he admired this boy and all the others for having the courage to speak up and lead the way for other kids feeling the same way….and how good it was to take a breath and keep speaking up.  The afternoon ended with everyone wearing smiles and quiet confidence that they were leaders, as they headed back to their respective schools and challenges.

This is why we do what we do.

On behalf of our children, thank you.



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