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DAREarts presents inaugural William Stevenson Award for Excellence in Writing

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Dunlop6405On June 12th, 2015, DAREarts presented the William Stevenson Award for excellence in writing to 16-year-old Kayly Garnier-Wells, a graduate of the DAREarts program. The award honours the late best-selling author William Stevenson, best known for A Man Called Intrepid which was also a film and television mini-series starring David Niven. Stevenson, also an award-winning foreign correspondent covering most of the world’s hot spots and interviewing most of the world’s leaders in the second half of the 20th century, believed that no skill was more useful for becoming a success in life than writing.

Stevenson was a DAREarts Champion Mentor who took enormous pride in the accomplishments of DAREarts students who regularly, with the help of DAREarts programs, overcame difficulties thrown in their path by society.

William StevensonBecause he believed strongly that writing was an invaluable skill that could lead to success in any field, the award was created by Marilyn Field, founder of DAREarts and Mr. Stevenson’s wife, Monika Jensen-Stevenson who is also an author and Emmy award-winning journalist. Monika conducts workshops in memoir writing as a regular part of DAREarts programming.

“It has been a wonderful experience for me to work with the students because I’ve learned so much about them,” says Monika. “I don’t want to embarrass them but they are all quite frankly amazing.”

This year’s winner, Kayly Garnier-Wells, first demonstrated her writing skills in a DAREarts memoir-writing workshop with Monika. She not only demonstrated a passion for writing but a natural talent as well. She graduated from the DAREarts program in 2013 but remains active in DAREarts’ after-school leadership program where she continues to wow her teachers. Congratulations Kayly!

For more information on DAREarts or to set up interviews contact:

Marilyn Field
DAREarts, Founder and President


One thought on “DAREarts presents inaugural William Stevenson Award for Excellence in Writing

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