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Guest Post: DAREarts Returns to Attawapiskat, Day Eight


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June 17th, 2016 | Written by DAREarts Artist-Educators Cathy Elliott & Shelley MacDonald | Day Eight


Karis with DAREarts artist-educator Cathy Elliott.

The Editing Journey
Karis, a graduate from Vezina Secondary School and a member of the Attawapiskat First Nations Youth Committee, met DAREarts and Royal Conservatory Artist-Educators at 10:00am sharp to continue the editing process while the rest of the students wrote their morning exams.  Karis has been instrumental in the vision behind this whole project.  She worked with Glenn on the song creation and is an excellent mentor for the students here at the high school.  She goes where she is needed to support the students here at the high school.  She has been here everyday since we arrived. She is a true DAREarts leader taking action and igniting change in her community.

Shelley MacDonald and a youth

Artist-Educator Shelley MacDonald with an Attawapiskat youth.

AFTERNOON & EVENING: The kids were shooting until it got too dark to shoot.  The community, including us, staged a walk for the fight against drug dealers and bootleggers, culminating in a prayer circle and drumming by the river. We got together for a campfire with some of the students, and there were some of the drummers there including Robbie Sutherland, the Chair of the Youth Council. Our Feast turned out to be hotdogs and marshmallows, thanks to Shelley, and the video will have the walk in the credits, thanks to the students who videotaped the Walk. A very moving moment was when everyone did a thank-you handshake before we broke the circle. Shelley and Cathy met everyone eye to eye, hand to hand and they thanked us for being there supporting their children.

Over 25 students worked with us all week! The rough cut was shown over and over to the students, teachers and even a NAPS officer who dropped by the house. There wasn’t a big formal gathering because students were in different activities all day, including a paint-ball tournament, exams and prepping for the walk.

Sunset-webresWe had our own craft service feast Thursday night as students got some final shots in and helped with editing.

Here are some quotes from the youths:

“The process has been a great one to give people a view of the Attawapiskat we see. It’s amazing to see the lyrics of the song come to life.” Karis L., age 20, Attawapiskat Youth Commitee.

“It was fun! The food on our craft service table was yummy. Filming the Walking For Peace on the street with everyone was my favorite part.  It was cool. I am feeling very excited for the rest of Canada to see.” Nigel N., age 15, grade 9 student.

I really enjoyed this project. It’s a great hobby and I enjoy it. It also tells you the real story inside of Attawapiskat, not what others choose to see because of what’s in the media. I will still continue to tell the story, the true story of Attawapiskat and walk for peace and hope.” Jack L. Jr., age 16, grade 11 student.

“It was fun creating the song with Glenn and then making the music video with Cathy and Shelley. Attawapiskat is my home town and I am proud to live here.” Liza J., age 16, gr 10 student.

Water's edge - webres

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DAREarts is a children’s charity that uses the arts to empower youth at-risk to become leaders. Our lead sponsors are Northbridge Insurance, Scotiabank, TD Bank Groupand the Ontario Arts Council, an agency of the Government of Ontario.


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